All of your messaging

in one simple app.

We’ve made interacting with your customers easy for your team. Multiple platforms.  One app.  

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Save time and improve your customer experience with a simple messaging solution.

One Spot For Your Conversation History

Easily open a contact to view past conversations and deliver that personalized experience.

Delegate To Your Team with Ease

Empower your team to communicate with your customers, instead of relying on a web designer or an administrator to share expert feedback and guidance directly with your customers.

Currently supporting these communication platforms

Facebook Messenger

Instagram DM's

Google Business

SMS Text Messaging


Communications from ONE app for YOUR whole team.

Live Chat on Your Website

Connect customers with your local “bud-tenders” right from our app. 

Respond Where Your Customers Are

Your customers won’t notice any difference.  They’ll just see how easy and quick your team is responding to their messages.  On the platform they’re on.

Instant Messaging for Cannabis Dispensaries

Let's Grow Together

Take your CRM from a tool that steals your time to an automation machine that drives business revenue and helps you convert more customers.

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